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The Bay Area has a wealth of local resources for those interested in having their own fruit trees. We are listing a few of our favorites here. These are businesses and products we have had positive experiences with that support our mission of educating people about fruit tree care.


Berkeley Horticultural - Very knowledgeable staff, great selection of healthy trees and shrubs, great tools

East Bay Horticultural - Another good nursery

Trees of Antiquity - Heirloom varieties in Paso Robles

Annie's Annuals - California natives to complement your trees

OSH - carries all of the tools and supplies listed below if you can't find them at a local nursery

Tools and Supplies

Felco -shears, saws and other pruning tools

Fiskars - Power Gear bypass shears

Tallman - tripod orchard ladders for soft surfaces and standard ladders for hard surfaces

Serenade - organic spray for powdery mildew, fireblight and other bacterial and fungal diseases

Online Knowledge Resources

UC Davis IPM - Integrated pest management

CRFG - California Rare Fruit Growers

Further Reading

Illustrated Guide to Pruning - Ed Gilman's proffesional level landscape tree pruning text, not specific to fruit trees

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