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Growing Your Own Fruit Trees

There's nothing quite like a crisp juicy apple picked from your own tree. Except maybe a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice, that's so sweet and complex that it makes you wonder what that sour yellow stuff in the cartons really is. We live in an amazing place. In most of the Bay Area you can grow both apples and oranges and a cornucopia of other fruits. If you have enough room for a large potted plant, your can grow your own fruit tree. If you have room for flower beds, you could have an orchard!

A Local Resource

Apples to Oranges helps people in the Bay Area to grow fresh fruit at home and even at work. Begun as a "house call" consultation service, the site aims to spread local orchardist knowledge to a broader audience. We advocate edible landscaping, water and soil conservation, organic practices and gardening education. We offer sound, practical advice, tailored to our local micro-climates and soil types (yes, clay is still soil.) If you have a specific question that isn't answered here, feel free to contact us.

"The only foolish question is the one that isn't asked." -Annon.

As people have moved closer together in urban and suburban areas much of the knowledge of plants and the way that they sustain us has been lost to succeeding generations. The notion of the "black thumb" has taken root in many people's minds. We are here to tell you that there is no such thing. Anyone can grow a plant and even a tree. One just needs to be shown how. Gardening is a bit like cooking, there are some basic ingredients and some basic instructions. Just as it's easier to learn a recipe from a parent or friend, rather than scratching your head over a cook book, gardening is best learned from a living resource. There is a lot of knowledge shared on this site, which is continually growing, just like a tree. What makes it different from most gardening resources is that it offers one on one assistance and encouragement. We are also not a "forum" or "chat" site. We want you to be out enjoying your garden, not stuck at the computer!

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